Shared / Public Mail Folders

NethServer Version: 7rc
Module: E-Mail Addresses

Whilst I have been very active on this forum recently, I have been watching the progress of NS 7 with interest and have not wanted to comment whilst the early development of this version was in progress.

I have just installed the release candidate into my production environment (after testing within a Virtualbox environment) and am fairly happy with how things are proceeding.

Whilst I am expecting a few bugs and issues with this early release, overall Nethserver is working as promised and as expected.

However, I have found a bug with the shared mailbox function, Whilst using Virtualbox, I created a couple of shared mailboxes, these boxes did show up within the mail client software (using IMAP via KDEs KMail / Akonadi framework and Android K9 mail client), but did not display within the NS shared mailboxes admin panel (therefore, I was unable to modify or delete the mailboxes).

Now, after installing NS7 within my production environment, I created a shared mailbox called: ‘projects’ and whilst it is displayed within the mail clients, there is still no entry within the NS admin panel.

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Great to see you aboard again man! We miss you. :kissing_smiling_eyes:

I just reproduced the issue, doveadm has the list but mailboxes aren’t showed on web UI

[root@muflone ~]# doveadm  mailbox list -u vmail

@davidep any hint?

Hi @alefattorini,
It’s good to hear from you.

I used the following command:

and had the following results:


but nether Junk or projects are being displayed within the shared mailbox section of the UI.

I have been able to remove the offending mailbox using:
doveadm mailbox delete -u vmail -s projects


Thank you @medworthy, I’ll try to reproduce it next days!

Created from server-manager
Public/Created from server-manager

The server-manager module considers only the Public/ namespace and shows the two entries correctly.

IMAP acls are in place:

# doveadm acl get  -u vmail  'Created from server-manager'
ID                         Global Rights                                                            create expunge insert lookup read write write-deleted write-seen

@medworthy, @alefattorini, did you create the shared-folder from server-manager? I can’t reproduce it here :confused:

@davidep, I did use NS admin interface to create the shared mailbox (which then was not displayed within the list of mailboxes but was listed using the doveadm tool).

This enhancement could fix your problem once it is released


@medworthy can you verify that?

Not at the moment, I will try once I have downloaded RC4 (and if I can simulate the original error).