Shared Folders with password


I’m newbie on this. I’ve installed NethServer bassicly to use it as a file server. To access a share I created for in Shared Folders both on my lan and over internet I activate the Protect by Password on the Web Access. While access by the browser it ask for the username and password.
I know the password obvious, but whats the username?
Is there a way to create a share folder to be validated by users created on the Management > Users?


Hi @lmmt, welcome on NethServer!

The username is the shared folder name!

For web access it’s not possible at the moment.

God that! Meanwhile keep up the great work!! Thanks!

since with Ibays there is a panel for ACL, why don’t reuse it to grant permissions to users and groups

read_permission, : we need to add the rpm pwauth (pwauth for user, unixgroup to allow group)
write_permission : we could activate webdav on the ibay if the write permission is enabled