Shared Folders Location

(Marcelo Costa) #1


I’m a disappointed zentyal user. After years using Zentyal, this last version (4.1) was ended my pacience.

This time, I have been testing Nethserver. Nethserver works nice! This is a great e simple tool.

But I have a question about your shared folders. Is possible share a non-default location folder, with respective permissons? eg: /MyFolder

Marcelo Costa
Porto Alegre/Brazil

How to add space to the samba shares?
(Giacomo Sanchietti) #2

You can with a template-custom but it’s not very simple.
Have you tried to create a shared folder, than replace the directory with a link to your folder?

By the way, what’s the purpose? Maybe there is a better solution :wink:

(Marcelo Costa) #3

Hi Giacomo,

I want access webserver folder (eg: /var/www/html) across workstation.


(Stefano) #4

you forgot to tell us why you need it…

in other words, please explain your problem (or what your are aiming to) and not your solution.

Thank you

(Marcelo Costa) #5


I want share (samba) with users the web server folder (var/www/html).
The users need full access to this folder, to edit any file.

Sorry, my english is not good.

Thank you,

(Stéphane de Labrusse) #6

Not tested completely but i guess that if you use an ibay as the content of your web site you can share it on the web and share it on your local network with samba users.

In fact with neth you don’t use /var/www/ for your root apache folder, you should use an ibay

(Alessio Fattorini) #7

@marceloeng as suggested by @stephdl give a look at this document
Easiest way :wink:

(Marcelo Costa) #8


Works fine.

In Shared Folders, I enable the" Web Access" tab.

Thank you.