Shared folder web access

NethServer Version: 7.6.1810
Module: web server

Good morning!

I’m trying to setup a shared folder for web access but I can’t.

I’m following these steps:

  • I create a shared folder under “Shared folder” panel
  • I tried to associate the shared folder with the virtual host but I couldn’t

Where am I doing wrong?

Thank you for the answer

Hi Matteo,

I recommend Nextcloud for this job.
It’s not intended to do it with shared folders/virtual hosts.

The shared folders in Nethserver are samba shares:

The virtual hosts are used for providing web sites.

I was trying to do it in the SME way, thank you for your answer, now it’s working.

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You’re welcome.

Here you can find more information about changes from SME:

In this case, please mark the topic as solved: