Shared folder in SOGo with external accounts provider not working (or i'm doing it wrong)

Continuing the discussion from Nethserver email alias dynamic when using groups:

If you remember this one… I just tried to create a shared INBOX from one account to another from within SOGo, I tried a user, and a group.

Account1 - shared INBOX - Full Permissions to Account2

  • email is sent to the user saying the account shared INBOX with me.
  • no access, can’t see the folder in IMAP (thunderbird), EAS (BlueMail) or SOGo
  • does not appear when trying to refresh subscriptions in Tbird
  • removed access to the folder in SOGo. email is sent to Account2 saying they were removed

Account 1 - shared INBOX - Full permissions to GROUP1

Should a user be able to share a folder with an LDAP group??

Perhaps these issues only appear when using external account providers?
Creating sub-folders are seen on all IMAP clients within each account ( eg … account1 sees folders created on any device)

Anything I can provide for troubleshooting, please let me know.

@support_team Has somebody an idea?

Could you check the file of users into /var/lib/nethserver/vmail/user@domain/subscriptions and check if there is the folder? If not could you try add the shared folder into this file with correct path?
Then restart dovecot and logout/login into SOGo and check.

Long story short… For what i am able to understand LDAP-fetched groups are entities that allow postfix to deliver messages.
But for what i can understand, dovecot (or SOGo?) is not using the same data for create an access control list.

I will double check this today, but I do recall entries in the vmail files/folders

That’s what I am thinking. Works for many thing, but as a complete solution to exchange it’s not quite there yet. Maybe in time. All aside, very happy with nethserver as a whole

Well… Exchange, Domino and other products are not monolythic, but they are created to achieve a goal, payed also by licensing.
Any OpenSource projects who try to mimic them is most about integration and connection of different softwares. This is a strenght, because it’s possible switch parts or extend capabilities in many ways, but makes a bit harder to get gears run from top to the bottom.

I hope that someone will be able to find will tell me how wrong i am explaining how to help you, @SGVFR