Shared Folder additional sharing over WebDav

NethServer Version: 7.7.1908
Module: Shared Folders

Dear at all,

i have following situation.
I am using in my internal network nethserver as file server as an member of an zentyal domain. The internal permissions of the file sharing is controled by Zentyal ACL.
For external i use an hoster where i have installed owncloud.
My goal is to share some folders of /var/lib/nethserver/ibay by webdav to the owncloud server.
I want to use this way because i want to avoid an port forwarding in the dmz or to the nethserver.
This should increase the security.

Is this possible with an module to manage over the backend?
If not how i can arrange it with console?

Many thanks for your help



Internal Zen <-> DMZ NethServ<-> Internet <-> External Own Cloud Service <-> External Users

Is this the layout you are suggesting?

What is your up/down connection from local/internal network to the internet? I hope for you it is not asynchronous because a limited upload of, for example, 5Mbit will be a huge problem for using files from that shared directory.

Hi here is an picture from my layout.



yes i have it asynchrone. But my owncloud is hosted at an official hoster. There is an synchron line.
Means it will need only a bit time to upload the files. But when they are uploaded the download will be fast because it is official hosted.
Or i have an wrong thinkin?


If you mount your local directory to your nextcloud instance you will let nextcloud act as a gateway to your local share. So if you want to access a file on the share through nextcloud you will connect to the nextcloud interface, then you will access your local share from there. so you wil always hit the slow connection because when you download from nextcloud, your local share needs to upload through nextcloud.

i dont want to mount the directory directly. i want to dublicate the files. means i have the files on the nethserver in the internal network and also on the owncloud server wich is external. and this should be synchronized. Folder on nethserver to folder on owncloud. the master folder is the local nethserver folder

Another possibility would be a site 2 site vpn; either from Zentyal or the existing Nethserver.

Example Internal NS VPN tunnel <-> Internet <-> External NS where the internal server is dialing out to the external server so no ports are needed to be open. The external NS then if the DNS/routing is done correctly join your AD for permissions if desired and you could rsync/ssh/… the files between the two sites directly.

i thought also about that. But the different user that will pick up the files are not out of the same company. So i have here a bit a trust problem in security. I dont have the warranty that the users from outside could be a security hole. This is why i think about the external server. If there is an file deleted the file will be synchronized automatically up again. If the server will be hacked or something like that i only need to reinstall all and start synchronize again. i want to reach with that an open fileserver with user permissions with no risk to my internal network. it should be only an service to offer my files to partner. The sharing iis only allowed in one direction.
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