Shared folder ACL permission problem


I am having problem regarding the shared folder ACL permission. My setup have a single Nethserver7 acting as AD, fileserver, nextcloud server.

All client machine are windows, max win10 and the shared folder’s are mapped according to the deptt. in their system as drive. Problem arises when new user’s are created, and ACL are added to have the permission of the shared folder - read, write. The new client is able to view the files, but unable to write it, and few subfolder even not able to read it.

There is no RSAT configured.

Is this the problem with the the SAMBA.

It’s possible to reset the permissions for a share so new users should be able to write but it may take a long time on big shares.

You could add the (new) users to the owning group of the share and allow read/write for the owning group.
This way you don’t need to add ACLs and reset permissions, just put the users to the right group to be able to access a share with working permissions. Maybe test it on a testshare first.

Check out the documentation for more details.