Shared E-Mail folders

NethServer Version: 7.5
Module: email Accounts

I created some users husband, wife, kid1, kid2 and some groups: parents, family, kids.
Now I created shared folders: e.g. husband, wife are members of parents, all users are part of family

Name: Parents
groups: Parents@mydomain.tld
ACL: No special set

Name: Family
groups: family@mydomain.tld
ACL: No special set

Now these shared folders are show within SoGo. for all users. This means “parents” is shown for kid1 and kid2, respectively. Ok, the do not have access to the mail.

Any hints what I did wrong


You may manage it via ldap folder subscription.

Tick the “Show subscribed mailboxes only” checkbox in the user mail preferences:


Now at the mail screen you may choose the folders you like to see/hide in the “Subscibe…” settings.


Cool, this helps. Do you by change know it this can be done as a generall setting for every user?

I didn’t find such an option.

There is a tool to set preferences. I am afraid you only can set the “Show subscribed mailboxes only” but I wasn’t able to set anything:

sogo-tool user-preferences

Thank you for your help, this is a starting point for trials