Shared calendar in Outlook


I have a question for you all, i need a shared calendar in Outlook all i tried so far have not work. Let´s say you have two users and they have there own email and calendar, and then i need a sheared one so they can see all common events. Is this possible to do with Nethserver and Outlook or can i move on to other solutions?


Afaik there is only 1 real solution for that: OpenChange. But that is (imo) not ready for production. It is implemented in Zentyal.
I don’t know if NS should even consider going the route of MAPI implementation.
I’d rather see a good working CalDav implementation. And SOGo supports this so I think we are on the right track.

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Thanks Robb

Then I know :frowning:

Hi , only Owncloud Calendar and Sogo callendar can be shared

Thanks Artem I think I go with Exchange to get all functionality that I want.

/Håkan Tillberg