Share files on Debian 10 together with Nethserver 7.7

I use Nethserver 7.7 as Domain Controller mainly to share files for Windows 10 Clients. In the same LAN there is a Debian 10 Server running an ERP-Sytem.

I am looking for a way/solution to share files (pdf, excel, word) on the ERP-System in conjunction with Nethserver AD… Any suggestions/hints?

Which ERP system do you use? If it is able to access/store on samba shares, I think this is the way to go.

Or join the Debian machine to the Nethserver AD and setup shares on the Debian machine to share ERP data.



Without touching your AD and ERP configuration, you could add NFS as an option and have the ERP save its files in a NFS folder. Which would be on a NethServer iBay and available to Windows Clients…

Like @mrmarkuz says, it depends on the capabilities of what your ERP can - and also what locking mech it uses when creating files…

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Hi folks,

Thank you for your infos. I think I have to test smb-client and nfs-client on debian and mount Nethserver shares on boot with fstab…

What do you think is more stable ?

I’d go for NFS3 - it’s fast, and uses very little CPU/RAM on Linux.
NFS is rock stable on Debian - as on NethServer.
And the connection can easily be set up and IP-Locked to be usable only between ERP and NethServer…
And no need to do headstands if the AD join doesn’t work (or create license issues in ERP).

And Stephdl has a nice NFS Module, too!

My 2 cents

OK, thank you. I will test NFS first…

This might help you:
(For Debian!)

And I know you’re german speaking, like myself… :slight_smile:

It’s from my personal Raspberry Cheat Sheet, I use it also for Proxmox and other Debian based stuff…

NFS Client auf Raspberry

sudo apt-get install rpcbind nfs-common
sudo update-rc.d rpcbind enable
sudo /etc/init.d/rpcbind start

Ordner unter /mnt hinzufügen

sudo mkdir /mnt/backups

Mounts automatisch nach reboot:

sudo nano /etc/fstab



SERVER-IP_oder_NAME:/home/e-smith/files/ibays/work/files /mnt/work nfs rw 0 0 /mnt/backups nfs rw 0 0

Excellent ! - You are too fast :smile: - ATM I install NFS on a NS-Testserver…

on debian (also on raspberry) it would be better to use:

systemctl enable rpcbind
systemctl restart rpcbind

and check with

systemctl status rpcbind


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And, does it work as expected?


Good Morning,

Yes, it looks vy good. I have to do it now on the customer-server…
Thank you Andy!


Welcome as always!

Thanks :+1:

Also a good reason to add in specific NFS monitoring in Zabbix… :slight_smile:

NFS is very independent and resilent, it basically needs a working TCP/IP stack and the rpcbind.
I use IP in the config to make NFS independent of even DNS.

And the CPU load for NFS is practically neglicable on both sides. Samba can and does use a lot more and has a lot more dependencys. Sure, in a company environment you can’t get past CIFS, but for a dedicated (UN*X) server to server connection, NFS is often a better choice…