Share a photo of your work/home setup

(Stefan) #62

Now I found the time to take a picture of my desk and post it.

(Stefan) #63

Hi @jackyes

It looks like I have the same clock on my desk as you have :grin:

(jack) #64

IKEA rulez! :smiley:

(Stefan) #65

Yup. It is really handy!

(Jason Adams) #66

Ok, you asked for it. Although I don’t know if I could call it a work area, that would require something actually gets done. :yum:

(Alessio Fattorini) #67

I recognize a Beta1 on the second pic :smiley:

(Jason Adams) #68

Yep, the server running it is on the ground, the monitor propped up on the file drawer is the one hooked to it. That’s my testing/experimentation area. While I’m thinkng about it, would it be possible to add a CLI to the control panel for NS? It’s kinda a pain to have to run out to my workshop everytime I want to try something on the command line, just curious cause it seems like a feature most other project of this type have.

(Alessio Fattorini) #69

Like this?


How do you access the Mac?

With all the stuff under the table… You can’t access the keyboard and the mouse normally, isn’t it? :smile:

(Kristian Reukauff) #71

Here is a new, obviously uninstalled, Nethserver Hardware :slight_smile: (and some Client Hardware for decorative purposes) :slight_smile:
And some packets are still missing.

(Alessio Fattorini) #72

That’s awesome! :smiley:

(Jason Adams) #73


(Jason Adams) #74

Jim, the keyboard and mouse are Bluetooth, I just move them where I need them. I started cleaning and organizing a month ago, that’s as far as I got. Actually the Linux boxes on the floor were put away while I was cleaning, then I drug them back out. Sigh, :expressionless:

(Jason Adams) #75

Exactly like that, now I have something else to fiddle with when I get home. :confused:

(Rich Lawrence) #76

@fasttech I saw your home office picture, liked it, and used the same theme but with less paper!
and as @alefattorini says

So, here is My home office.

and this was our test setup…

It was looking much better a few weeks ago! We have been dismantling the hardware for a major change in the building structure and now we do not need this hardware any more. (if anyone is interested in collecting them, we have some Dell servers and a few tower PCs available).

And finally, for general email/admin we have a much smaller cabinet in the corner of the office.

(Jason Adams) #77

What kind of dell servers, where are you located?

(Rich Lawrence) #78

We have 2x PowerEdge 1850 and 3x Poweredge 1750, located near Stonehenge, England, UK

(Jason Adams) #79

Bummer, I’d be interested but you’re across the pond :sob:

(Jose G Jimenez S ) #80

this is my little corner in my apartment, relax with jive bunny with NethServer

(Stéphane de Labrusse) #81

Well not mine, just a dream…based on 2 x Quadro NVS 510 GPU…really not cheap