Shadow copies, snapshots


Shadow Copy is a really nice feature that allows to keep track of changes made to a document and keeps recent copies of data for quick restore.

I myself don’t know if this hard to implement from a developers viewpoint or if it is something that I could (or should) setup myself when playing around with the samba configuration files.

Maybe there are users that would also like to have it implemented as a feature. Please share your opinions on this.

Thanks for reading!

(Gabriel GHEORGHIU) #2

Hi “craaaft”,

I’m agree with you!
I found some articles.
It is possible in some particular conditions, as far as I read and I understand.
Unfortunately, I’m not a Linux expert.
Maybe the other guys can explain better and of course can tell us how hard is to implement this thing.

(Artem Fedai) #3

Hi, maybe LVM snapshot is better idea than SAMBA one :slight_smile:

(Stefano) #4

you just need a custom template to enable it


Could you elaborate on this?

(Alessio Fattorini) #6

I think he means porting on NethServer this work:

(Rob Bosch) #7

Sometimes I think back to the times of Novell Netware and the salvage option in Novell client…

(Giacomo Sanchietti) #8

Alsto take a look at this:
(/cc @GG_jr)

Enable shadow copy
(Rob Bosch) #9

Or on a ZFS filesystem:

(Jose "Martin" Abeleira. AKA Marto) #10

I used snapshots on a samba server while working at ibm. It worked, fine
but most of the times we just had to restore the files manually from
snapshots because right button on windows clients worked depending on the
version of client. It was really helpfull on a big file server with lots of
people changing docs.