SFTPGo NS8 Forgotten admin password

NethServer Version: 8
Module: NGINX
on the SFTPGo installed on the NS8, I lost the password and would like to understand if there is any way to reset or change it.
Have any of you had to do this? is there a procedure?


Hi and welcome!

Good question, I can not answer, but let’s see if there somebody knows.

Again, welcome and enjoy!

do you want to tell me to read the guide?

this is the direct link: Change admin password | SFTPGo

now I try
Thank you

you are the first one, maybe we could have a look, no time yet

We could require to let an email to reset the admin password

you have too high expectations.
I’m not an expert.
I tried reading but I can’t use the APIs that are described in the guide.
it explains how to create queries to change password but I must have the old password.
Did I do something wrong in my search?
If I have to modify the proposed code, I’m not able, sorry

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well no answer for now, no worries mate, no expectation, no fear.

One day if we can meet together I will be pleased to share a ristretto

mybe by adding a line ns8-webserver/imageroot/systemd/user/sftpgo.service at 8ffc8bed6391d7811868861777385c1e78b92669 · NethServer/ns8-webserver · GitHub


Yes we can

# become webserver1 (adapt if it is not the good webserver)
runagent -m webserver1

# connect to container
podman exec -ti sftpgo sh

# change the password
sftpgo resetpwd --admin admin