Settings search for Cockpit

Setting search (as done in various Android and Win10).
You don’t remember where “virtual hosts” are set? You search for it.
This is both a complex and a simple project.
Simple if there is some kind of indexing of settings.
In other words, if I make an application (plug in), with configuration somewhere in Cockpit, I should also supply a list of keywords and URL destination in some specific config file read by Cockpit.
Same for core functionality of course. Build a list of settings and destination.
If this is done, then the rest is easy. Cockpit would just merge the supplied lists, index the contents.

As functionality grows, this is a very nice (and actually “fashionable” and almost expected) feature.


This was present in Nethgui, and we have the manifest.json files to store information.

So the search function could be implemented in the Applications page…


Why in the Applications page?
I am talking about a search, “smart” enough to be able even to find a setting within NS own core settings.

You’re right, also in core settings it is important. I don’t have a trivial solution for displaying both in a single place though. Maybe @edoardo_spadoni has one!