Settings for backup at the webinterface

Hi to all,
I’ve some whishes for setting up the backup task over the web frontend.

  • it would be nice if you can choose what directories you want to backup
  • also there could be a chance to run a script before and after backup (for example you want to stop a SQL instance before backup and start it again after backup)
  • change the interval for full backup
  • customice the rules for deleting old backup (I’m thinking about a switch for days, weeks and month and value from 1 to … you can set)
  • sending a message after backup with an external mail-server would be nice to
  • syncing all files and settings to a backup server

These are only wishes but perhaps other people have the same or other wishes too, and something could be realized.

Just look at /etc/back-data.d.

Just drop an action inside the pre-backup-data event.

This is possible but requires some work:

You can already do it, see the notification page.
If you want to use a smart host, simply configure it (in mail server domain on NS 6, and in smart host in NS 7)

Just drop a custom action inside the post-backup-data event :slight_smile:

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thanks for your good description and the links, it helps a lot.
But it would be nice to do these settings at the webinterface and not at the terminal. It’s not necessary, but for useres coming from a windows gui it’s easeier.

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I agree with you but playing with the actual webUI isn’t easy and we want to keep it as simple as possible, an advanced tab might suit your needs