Setting up groups for sharing calendar etc via SOGo


How do you have groups set up? I wonder if I can create a group (lets call it “office”) and allow members to share a calendar and address book via SOGo? I am hoping if I add a new member of staff to the “office” group they will automatically have permission to access those items.

So I would have an user called “office info” who “owns’” the SOGo calendar and address book. Then everyone including “office info” who are members of the group “office’” could have access.

Or do I have to grant access for each user at the SOGo interface?


Got something workable

  • Login as a valid user (or create a dummy one: ressources for example)
  • Create a calendar (works also for an address book)
  • click on the calendar option and use sharing
  • search by the group name you need (from the group name of nethserver account provider)
  • set as on the picture or adapt the needed acl

With subscribe user, all members of the group will have your calendar subscribed without admin intervention

SOGo allows you to define access rights for public, private and confidential calendar objects (events and tasks) in your calendars. The following permissions can be given :

  • None : Absolutely no rights given
  • View Date & Time : Can view the date and time of the calendar object - the rest of the information is automatically stripped
  • View All : Can view all information related to a calendar object - just like the owner (implies View Date & Time)
  • Respond : Can respond to invitations (implies View All)
  • Modify : Can modify the calendar objects (implies View All and Respond)You can also allow others to create and delete calendar objects in your calendars.

This method needs you create a dummy user for sharing ressources but you can have as many calendars/addressbook you need (think you can book conference room, video projector…)

I tried to share the calendar of the nethserver group, let’s say, by the admin user and the acl settings, but the only options were to delegate permissions to all valid users or give this public.


Does this mean you setup accounts outside a NS accountprovider? IF this is the case, IMO it would be not that feasible.

No as @stephdl explains you can use groups and user accounts form the nethserver acount provider for this.

As an example you created a group developers in the nethserver admin (Users and Groups > Groups). You added the users who are in this Group (ie John, Marry, Jantje Pietje and Klaasje).

If John is logged in to SOGo he can share his agenda with the group And set acl’s As @stephdl described. Other members of the group have access to John’s agenda.

Note: The ACL is not created automatically, every member of the group has to share its agenda with the group Main reason is, we just use the account provider as an authentication source, with a standard schema. We do not add special property’s to a group to identify what it should do.

This being said with a bit of imagination you can also create resources like a meetingroom1 and meetingroom2 as regular users in the nethserver admin and create a group for it (ie meetingrooms) and add Users to it who are allowed to make reservations.
AGAIN: the meetingroom1 has to login to SOGo once to set the ACLs for sharing with

NOTE: just tested this with Loacal-AD, long time ago did the same with LDAP, not sure if this still works.


So this is something different than having a group calendar… where everybody in a group can access 1 single groupcalendar for that group… I guess that should be possible too.

no not for a ldap/ad group , we have a bit of cross posting here:

The “group” cannot log in and the SOGoSuperUser (admin in our case) cannot set ACL’s

However its linux so if you want something really bad i think you can do it :grinning:

I think I worked this out myself so good to see @stephdl reply with pretty much what I worked out.

But I think I have done what @mark_nl says I can’t!

I created a group in Nethserver called “office” and added a couple of people to the group.

I logged into SOGo as “admin” and created a calendar “Office Diary”. Then I shared that calendar with the group “office”. SO what I expect is that any new members of the “office” group created in NS will automatically have access to the “Office Diary”. That was my goal and unless further testing finds fault I think I have achieved it.

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A bit after due date :grinning:

Was doing some general testing and found out you can share a calendar of a nethserver-group directly,
maybe it came with an update of SOGo ?

Created a (nethserver) group “meetingroom” and added some users to it.
Logged in SOGo as a admin user and hit the “Administration” button:

And searched for the group meetingroom and was suscesfully able to share it.