Setting up a mail server on armhfp

Monday, I start building a mailserver. The question is what pieces do I install, there seem to be a lot of services related to email, and what I need is not clear. So instead of guess, I will state my goals and ask for some initial guidance.

  1. Multiple domains
    a) email addresses like and Not just subdomains.
    b) Many email clients are out on the public net. I myself move back and forth between an internal address to somewhere out public.
  2. Anti-virus and spam scanning.
  3. DKIM support; will eventually have a fixed public address with rDNS.
  4. Support for POP, POPS, IMAP and IMAPS clients.
    a) Clients deliver email to server over SMTP 25 and 587 (support for STARTTLS)
  5. IMAP web client: Roundcubemap.

Actually, you can see what I do right now at:

I have been reading:

A number of times. We will see when I actually try setting it up.

I have to swap around a few drives, and whatever I do right now is just a test.

In essence Nethserver does not offer a multi tenancy mail-server. Althoug with the offered mail-aliases you can come close to this behavior. It’s is discussed in various posts how to set this up, here a recent one:

Note all solutions rely on a mail-client which has “entities support” to be able to “send from”
(AFAIK TB and roundcubemail are among them)

Although it is in the “needs work” category I recommend to install the nethserver-mail(2) module. Actually it should be in the non existing “work has been done” category. Only mail(2) offers DKIM support. (to be thorough) As discussed before: antivirus has high demand for memory, 1GB comes a little bit to short.
I’m not sure if its a necessity to give clamd (antivirus) more time to startup for armhfp, if this is the case we may implement this:

The nethserver-roundcube module works like a charm. I recommend to setup the mail-server and add nethserver-roundcubemail to it afterwards.

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For me, this is a deal-breaker.

I run email for some real small domains plus I run two domains for myself. Plus a test domain.

I can’t remember how far back (at least back to '98) and various incantations of my mailserver, I have been running multiple domains.

Since at least '09, I have been using Postfixadmin with mysql (now MariaDB) This gives such a clean and straight-forward multi-domain configuration.

If nothing else, I will look at how to glue Postfixadmin on top of Nethserver to get multi-domains, or since Pablo is fixing up the Centos7-arm EPEL, to go back and get my setup working.

But let’s talk. Things did not work out today to get started. I do have a paying gig for IETF work…

Got a basic server up for installing. I set up the openLDAP service for users and groups. Now I am ready to install software from the center.

Do I install Email(1) or (2)? can’t tell from the simple description.

POP3(1) is clearly the choice for the POP3 server.

I am going to need the firewall service, as the server is on a test subnet, and the clients on a production subnet.