Setting resolution laptop screen

Hi to all,

New at this forum because i’ve just installed Nethserver, i would ask my first question.
On my laptop which is capable up to 1600x900 resolution i can’t get is to change.
Working on the command line i’ve way to low resolution and so even installing smaller font for cli doesn’t help.
I’ve tried everything to find the setting in Nethserver to change my resolution in cli-mode to a more high resolution.
Xrandr doesn’t work: message can’t open display 0.

I know normally we connect via an other pc to cockpit and that works fine, but working on the cli is fast and gives more capabilities.

Could you please provide some help?


Hi @ratooren

And welcome to the NethServer community.

  1. Cockpit includes a copy & paste capable CLI console, which sitting in front of unsuitable laptop does NOT!

  2. Oh, so you can browse issues and solutions and paste commands from there in your CLI? What retarded thinking, sorry if this sounds rude!


Easiest would be to use SSH on Linux / Mac, or PuTTY from any Windows box for fast, usable console CLI access. Compared to raw console access like you’re using now, this has the added advantage of copy/paste from your docs/web sites / whatever. And screenshots for documentation.
AND cockpit access, all on the same screen. CLI doesn’t allow for Windows, let alone Window resizing!

NethServer is a server, and as such isn’t intended for use on such hardware. Besides which, NS7 is near EOL (6 Months) so I doubt anyone wants to change anything.

If you want to test drive NethServer 7 (or NS8) I’d try using virtualization. Bare Metall installs are out nowadays, nobody except diehards (usually elder generation, and still stuck to using .local or .lan instead of a real domain) will still do this!

Besides playing around with eg Raspberry PI or low powered hardware, I haven’t installed a productive server (or test) since more than 5 years now, always as VM on a class 1 Hypervisor.
Stuff which runs under a OS like VMbox are toys, not for real, productive use.
And neither is Notebook hardware for a server.

My 2 cents