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NethServer Version: NethServer release 7.6.1810 (final)
Module: your_module

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Hope you are doing well, I am new to NethServer, I already set up a domain controller using Nethserver and connect my Laptops to the domain controller. My question is whether I can apply a group policy via Nethserver so that every laptop connected to the domain controller runs only particular software. (restrict users not to install any software on a laptop).

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there is not any option on the server to define policies for each user. I think so I can logged in via Admin account on one of my laptop and define policies for each user. Am I right or wrong?? If yes then where I can define? Please share your thoughts…

Hi Adnan, welcome to NethServer community!

NethServer has no special handling of AD GPOs. At the moment you can refer to the official Samba DC 4.8 and Microsoft AD documentation about GPOs. In other words: defining a GPO in NethServer should be like doing it with any other AD domain controller implementation.

We planned to expose from the Cockpit UI some old (Samba 3) domain features, like “home drive letter” or “roaming profiles”, by implementing them with GPOs.

If you want to define GPO’s you will have to use RSAT tools on a Windows client. You are bound to restrictions of Samba4. As @davidep already suggested: consult the Samba4.8 docs for that.
Here some useful links:

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