Set up a local repository for NethServer

Greetings brothers and sisters. [soon I hope to add a lady to this tribe :lips:]

This week :calendar_spiral: we have made good progress with the promotion of Nethserver mainly because the tutors are the ones who have approved the change to this software :chart_with_upwards_trend: after they have begun testing it.

However, in our cities there are certain limitations with access to the internet in terms that repeatedly and unexpectedly the connection is broken :broken_heart:, which causes the updates and installations in most of the cases are not successful. In Caracas we took 2 half days trying to finish the setup (it is also that we ignore some issues in this area).

This seems to be a venezuelan litany :disappointed: … hehehe don’t take it as well, please

We want to know:
Where we can download all the support that Nethserver needs to be installed?

  1. The update source
  2. All the applications in the Software Center
  3. The repository of Nethforge
  4. The repository of our broth @stephdl :point_left::wink::vulcan:
  5. The recipes of the grandmother :fork_and_knife: and any other resource or reference that you can recommend

This way, when we go to places where even the word Internet is an unknown, we can install the intranet with Nethserver without complications :checkered_flag:

I’ll be here waiting for any recommendation

Greetings :pray:


do a rsync of an official repository and set up a local repository for nethserver; for an example something like that.

[root@smemirror ~]# cat /etc/cron.d/cron-nethserver
15 */3 * * * root rsync --progress -aHS --partial --delete-after rsync:// /path /to/your/web/folder/>/dev/null 2>&1

set up a web server where you do the rsync with Indexes FollowSymLinks enabled

once it is good you can browse the whole local repository, then you must play with dns and redirect all url you can find in to your local web server (except the main url . Of course your web server must resolve locally all these URL

the repository is closed, I don’t know if the dzoote repository gets a rsync access.

alternatively, ask to an university to create a repository in venezuela for your needs, see How to create your own NethServer mirror


I will look into this thank. Good to know.:laughing:

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