Set of templates with the typical settings

I joined last week VMware conference for a half day and they were talking about Network Virtualisation. The idea is fantastic. In my network I have to apply the IP addresses careful to match my need. The firewall rules are the next task etc. If I change the hardware configuration I have to do the work again and it needs a lot of time in worse case.
They created now GUI were you don’t think about IP addresses, subnets and where you hardware is. You create the connection and the rest is done by the software. Wow this is time saving! This would be nice to have with NS but this task is too big :cry:

Than I thought about NS and what we could improve. I had in my mind the firewall rules all the time. For specific application typical settings have to be done. HTTP, email, FTP, etc need typical open ports. Why not creating a set of templates with the typical settings to load in the firewall setup page. If you like a other port for your application you change it, save everything, done.

The use of templates for typical application can be use with many settings. The idea behind is to save the time for the work you have to do anyway and change only what you need for your application. Especial for beginners they could work with standard settings.
If it not recommended to use a standard setting a suggestion can be display like it is already done with the SSH.

What do you think about?

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I like this.
If you could create some templates using the firewall rules interface (or any other panel), I could help “fixing” the config to a template. Then, I think, we will need some expert to add options to the web ui to adopt the template.


Sorry. I have no idea how to create a template.