Set low priority to and other download sites


(Juan Carlos Fernandez) #1

NethServer Version: 7.4.1708
Module: proxy

I’m trying to create a rule on proxy to lower the priority to several sites, yet it does not seems to work as downloads keeps consuming most of our bandwidth. I’m putting pics of our current setup.


(Juan Carlos Fernandez) #2

I got this domains by watching traffic flow with Ntopng

(Joel Clendineng) #3

As far as I know, low priority still uses bandwidth, it is just prioritized lower. So, if you streamed some video (youtube, netflix), it would prioritize the traffic from there rather than from the downloads. You are not limiting bandwidth, just telling it that if someone else comes along, to prioritize the download last. If you just download, it will still consume a lot of bandwidth. You probably want to do traffic shaping, which I dont think you can do from the gui.

(Juan Carlos Fernandez) #4

That I know, yet it’s not doing it. I got other user’s using youtube, facebook, google, etc. and the user doing the download keeps hungering most of the bandwidth.

(Juan Carlos Fernandez) #5

It seems it was a bad setup, I had a sub-domain overlapping and I set the rule source to green and removed So far I haven’t had any more issues.