Set default quota on nextcloud 12.x

NethServer release 7.3.1611
Nextcloud 12.x

when I create a user in nethserver, it is automatically created in nextcloud. the user in nexscloud results with unlimited quota, how do I change the default quota to 5GB in nexscloud?
thank you

On admin user screen left bottom side you have settings:


There the default quota is hidden:




How to unhide it?

  1. login as admin
  2. click upper right “gear” icon
  3. click “Users” menu item
  4. click lower left “gear” icon
  5. set the quota
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thanks for all
it is work.

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Oh, Tnx!

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Hi, I login as admin, but can’t find Quota

You need to go to settings first. Go to the A of admin, select settings. Then go to te lower left bottom.

Hi LayLow:
When I go to A of Admin, Select Setting, but I can’t find lower left bottom

Then you are not logged in as server admin. By default the login credentials for admin are user: admin password: Nethesis,1234

You are logged in as Nethserver admin, not as Nextcloud admin. Once logged in as Nextcloud admin, go to users and add the Nethserver admin to the admin group, so the Nethsever admin can manage Nextcloud.


thanks a lot
got the quota setting