Server stops when clicking on Software Center

(Davide Principi) #1

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Hi @vhinzsanchez,
a stuck Software Center can be a symptom of a network problem.

Software center won't display
Messages seems not not reach the recipient's mailbox
(Vhinz Sanchez) #2

Yes indeed. I was about to go home when I noticed that the software center loaded. There might have been network congestion earlier. The last configuration I had before my final reconfiguration, I had to wait about 25 mins so I decided to reformat. But my time ran out on my final configuration and noticed that the Software Center loaded 10-15 mins after launching it.


(Vhinz Sanchez) #3

How can I close this discussion/thread? I was successful in updating the system…presently, NS is now downloading modules.

Thanks @davidep

(Alessio Fattorini) #4

We can leave this open, no worries :wink:

(Vhinz Sanchez) #5

many thanks @alefattorini :grinning:

(Charlie Lehardy) #6

Can you be more specific about “network problem?” Are we saying that it’s normal for the software center to take 30 minutes to load? Is there a specific service priority I can increase in traffic shaping that might improve the performance? Thanks.

(Davide Principi) #7

I was thinking about local problems: DNS, gateway configuration errors or infrastructural problems: a proxy, small bandwidth, DNS down… Hard to guess!

Software Center relies on YUM, thus it can suffer of any YUM problem.

(Charlie Lehardy) #8

Thanks Davide. I’m not aware of any general network issues with other sorts of traffic, so I suppose what I’ll do is study YUM a bit to see if there are some vulnerabilities there that might not show up with general network traffic. If I come up with an answer, I’ll post it. My software center seems never to populate, no matter how long I wait. I am using a transparent proxy filter, so perhaps there is some issue between that and YUM. A good opportunity for some experimenting.

(Stéphane de Labrusse) #9

when you use directly ‘yum update’ in a terminal, do you have some problem ???

(Vhinz Sanchez) #10

To me, it seems to be more of a local problem. Our ADSL is being used by over 30 users :smile:

(Charlie Lehardy) #11

I have created a new installation on a different machine, configured the two the same, and so far have no trouble connecting to the software center on the new gateway. So it seems likely that the issue is a config or corruption problem on my current gateway. Thanks.

(Charlie Lehardy) #12

Just an update on this. Software center is no longer updating. That in itself is a minor issue, but it leads me to wonder if the updates tab is actually receiving updates or not. I had set up a new installation and carefully checked the software center after every added module and config change. It continued to work properly, but overnight something caused it to stop functioning.

(Charlie Lehardy) #13

The software centers on my 2 Nethserver machines had stopped working because the mirrorlist.txt files in /var/cache/yum/x86_64/6/centos-base and centos-updates both disappeared. Not sure where they went. Restoring those mirror lists brought the software center back to life and restored updating.