Server role in Windows Network

(Yan Sivitskiy) #1

Good day to all.
Dear someone or whether it turned Netnserver enter a domain? I do as described in the documentation. CSN prescribed first, time synchronization. Next to “Windows Network” choose “Active Directory Member” exhibit
Realm: ip-address AD
Domain: rnkofrc
LDAP accounts branch: CN=Users,DC=rnkofrc,DC=ru
I enter a user name with a domain rights. I get the error: Failed to join Active Directory
Introducing the name is already in different ways and “user”, and “user@domain”, and that’s it “domain\user”.
The error is the same.
Prompt where to dig …

(Artem Fedai) #2

in Win AD theris no CN=USERS and check OU membership WIN AD has some difference from LDAP. У меня нет Виндового Домена нечем проверить !

(Yan Sivitskiy) #3

На самом деле я пытаюсь подключиться к Zentyal’у. Но и при пропытке подключения в виндовой AD. Ошибка та же… :frowning:

(Stefano) #4

@all: please, english only

@Yan_Sivitskiy, could you please translate your last post? thank you

(Yan Sivitskiy) #5

In fact, I’m trying to connect to Zentyal. But when you try to connect to Windows AD. The error is the same …

(Artem Fedai) #6

Show Log please

(Yan Sivitskiy) #7

Which one of?

(Artem Fedai) #8

LDAP from both sides and turn ldap debug mode Loglevel 255 or -1

(Yan Sivitskiy) #9

In Nethserver I found slapd.conf only /etc/syslog.d and /etc/init, but there is no option loglevel. Do not tell exactly where to find it ???