Server manager accessibility improvements

Following this discussion

I’d like to improve the server manager markup and stylesheet. Listed by @phonon112358:

  • aria attributes
  • color contrast

IIRC @alessia did some tweaks to the last one, when she developed the ns7 UI theme.

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@Alessia @davidep Yes, the server manager is rather accessible already, e.g., there are title attributes with good descriptions and labels for all elements that need one… :wink:
however, it is for example not entirely adaptive/responsive, i.e. on small screens it is not that easy to edit the options. What’s about a media query in the css which hides the menu behind a button?! Furthermore, the “disk usage” page is very problematic regarding accessibility (screenreader cannot read the diagram and it is additionally not adaptive at all…) - for that I have no sudden solution unfortunately…

Regarding the contrasts of the colors, I found… this is an online tool which does not need any installation… I recommend you to check the contrasts of all colors that are used (I have only tested a few)… [quote=“phonon112358, post:13, topic:6706”]
e.g., that the background color of the selected menu item should be much darker (I mean .Navigation.Flat a.currentMenuItem of which the background color is defined in base.css l. 49) or alternatively the color of the respective font should be changed to #000

For more information about aria elements read e.g. or… also and are good resources about web accessiblility…


Thank you very much for your input, Aaron!

I hope @Sebastian would chime in and bring his expertise in web development! This would be a good chance to taste Nethgui code :grinning:

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