Server for File-Sharing, Firewall, VPN, Groupware, Smarthome, AD, ERP

Hi friends,
I want to set up a server for my home with proxmox and several virtual mashines. I’m thinking about this:

  • VM 1: Nethserver for AD, Filesharing, Groupware
  • VM 2: One for OpenHAB (Smarthome), not sure yet which OS I will choose
  • VM 3: Debian for my ERP-System
  • VM 4: OpenSense for Firewall and VPN

I’m searching for a cheap server with not to much running costs but the ability to handle these mashines.
I’ve found a refurbished HP Proliant by Tonitrus for 115,50 €

HPE - 666161-B21 - HP Proliant BL460c Gen8 E5-2620 2.0GHz 6-core 1P 16GB-R P220i SFF Server

What do you think about it?

@Andy_Wismer Is there a way to use OpenSense VPN with a DS light IPv6 protocoll?

Thanks for your answers in advance.


Hi Michaeel

  1. OpenSense VPN with a DS light IPv6 protocoll

I first had to inform myself to make sure exactly WHAT you meant by “OpenSense VPN with a DS light IPv6”…

For one thing, I know of OPNsense, but not OpenSense…
OPNsense provides three VPNs: IPsec (V1 & V2), OpenVPN and Wireguard. There is no “OpenSense VPN”…

I’m assuming you mean OPNsense as Firewall, running an OpenVPN VPN…

This should work, both sides will need some form of direct address resolution, like DynDNS or equalivalent in IPv6.
I have only tested part of this - mobile Networks using a SIM card based Huawei Hotspot - The Telco-Provider will use CG-NAT, something basically similiar to DS lite…
In Switzerland, all Telcos use CG-NAT and port forwarding will not work, no external access possible from outside…
Both IPsec and OpenVPN (Site2Site only!) can overcome this problem, but the connection MUST be started (initialized) from the mobile end

This can work… (It worked for me)

I used this as info:

  1. HPE Server, looks good for that price. I’d upgrade the RAM to 32 or 64 GB RAM (Better if possible 128 GB) AND use new SSDs in ZFS Mirror. 2 small 120 GB SSDs for Proxmox System, 2x2TB for VM Data…

→ I’d still use a Proxmox PBS!

  1. OpenHAB?

Any special reason why OpenHAB?

I looked and tried OpenHAB, FHEM and HomeAssistant for Home Control, as the older Mac based software I was using (Indigo) had changed their licensing from buy once to pay per year. I was very satisfied with the software & support, but not under the new conditions!

OpenHAB more or less worked, but even though I can handle JAVA, I’ve never quite felt at home with JAVA, I much more preferred the PERL based FHEM and Home Assistant, which is extremly flexible.

In the end, I decided 3 years ago to stick with Home Assistant, and I’m very happy with it. It has also moved fast forward the last 3 years, amazing!

This one-line installer for Home Assistant on Proxmox might help you decide:

To use Z-Wave, I’d suggest an Aeotec Z-Wave USB Stick, passed thru on Proxmox.
I have this working as a LAB setup, productive is still on a Raspberry 4…

This works very well!

My 2 cents

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Thanks for your fast answer, like you assumed, I meant OPNSense and want to use a VPN Server provided by it, for example OpenVPN. In Germany many providers (I don’t mean mobile) only provide a DS lite with a shared IP. I have one of these connections. My goal is to reach my network with a mobile phone or a notebook from outside my own network. I have to reach it per VPN and I have to reach my ERP by https without VPN.

I’ve found it on the web for a good solution for KNX and working with Alexa.

Home Assistant will work with both. Try it, I think you’ll like it.
There’s also a Home Assistant Add-On for Proxmox, OPNsense… :slight_smile:

I know, I was living (and registered) in Germany, in North Bavaria no less! (2021)
I used a Telekom connection (100), and was able to access my Home using OpenVPN…

Telekom does have rather funky settings (Not only using vLans on WAN side for DSL…), I used one of their Speedports as a NAT Router and forwarded Ports as needed to my OPNsense, my actual firewall.

If you can do a port forward, even if for IPv6 or something equal, would help makeing it working…

What provider / connection are you using?

My 2 cents

I’m using 1und1 with a Fritz!Box 7590.

Ok, I want to use Alexa to control devices at my smart home.

PS: I had to ask Telekom for an IPv4 use, they granted it without issues, but still needed to ask.
It was free.

Maybe the same goes for 1 und 1?

1und1 with a Fritz!Box 7590 - as such, using the Fritz!Box as forwader for 1194 (Or whatever port) should work.

My 2 cents

I’ll give it a try.

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