Server Crash for unknown sources

(Thorsten) #1

From time to time Nethserver hangs up completely, approx. avery 2 Wo weeks (however no other obious time dependancy), mostly at night.

  • Nethserver in my case is viruallized on Proxmox, other servers are still available.
  • I do not see any link to regular jobs such as backups
  • Server really freezes - no connection via Webinterface or SSH is possible
  • Proxmox VNC Console is frozen, too
  • major log files seem to stop at a certain time

Any Ideas / tips which logs I should look at?

(Michael Kicks) #2

Would you please share the VM configuration and the hardware of your host?

Which kernel version?
Which nethserver version?

(Michael Träumner) #3

Did you look at the proxmox logs too? I think your problem is there. I had an behaviour like this in the past with libvirt. It has run out of memory.