Server Certificate breaks mail (Webtop 5)

NethServer release 7.3.1611 (Final)
WebTop 5

Hello Team,

I’ve confirmed (myself and my co-worker) both experienced a major problem with using a WildCard certificate and our Webtop 5.

  • I install Email and Webtop 5
  • I install Samba domain
  • I create a new user that has access to email
  • This new user can access Webtop with no problems. Send and receive mail works.

I then add my wildcard certificate to Nethserver. This appears to work fine in that I can access my nethserver using my hostname (not IP). Access is secure using https with no errors.
At this point my access to Webtop fails. I can see the login page but when I login I get an error that say:

Mail Account Authentication Error

Two of us (myself and my co-worker) have installed our own test Nethservers and we both encountered the same problem with Webtop mail after adding our certificate.

Let me know if there are more details you need from me on this bug.

I do not think this error is linked to the certificate :smirk:

Please check if you solve the following:

Let me know if you can solve it

Sorry about that @lucag , didn’t mean to double post. It would appear that my certificate has broken Webtop because my webtop was working fine until I added my cert. I’ll keep the discussion to the other thread.

Perhaps someone can close/move this thread and we’ll find the answer in my other post.

Thank you.