Sending emails from Quickbooks through our WebTop Mail

Hello @webtop_team , @support_team or @Andy_Wismer ,

We have WebTop installed on our Nethserver and it’s working well for us to send and receive emails.

I did a quick search and found this page: Email — NethServer 7 Final

I’m unsure what setting I should enable or set to make this work for us.

We use Quickbooks Desktop (locally installed on a workstation in our office) for our Accounting software. Quickbooks has the ability to send emails for payroll and other tasks. In Quickbooks Settings for Email Server I can select Other as my email and I’ve filled out the following information:
Our Email Servier IP Address
My Send Email Address (using my email)
There is a checkbox for SSL/TLS

I’ve tried all three ports 25, 465 and 587 using the checkbox and not using the checkbox. My Quickbooks keeps saying the password I’m using is incorrect. I’ve confirmed my password so I know it’s correct.

In my Nethserver I then searched around and found in Email > Relay > Allow relay from IP Address. I added in the IP address of our Quickbooks workstation.

Is there a setting I can enable in WebTop/Nethserver that would allow my Quickbooks computger to connect to our local WebTop so emails are allowed to be sent to our employees?

Any advice or direction you can provide me would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you.

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Did you try just the username without domain?

It should just work to send the mails to the users. Webtop uses the dovecot IMAP server for getting mails AFAIK. For testing you could install a mail client on the Quickbooks workstation to check if sending mail works from that workstation.


Hello @mrmarkuz ,

Appreciate your input into my question!

I’m not able to only use the username without the domain. Quickbooks forces me to use email. I suspect this is the problem as I login with only the username but from Quickbooks it’s trying to login with the full email address.

I’m attempting now to connect to my WebTop from Outlook as Quickbooks also uses outlook as a way to send emails. But my Outlook also will not connect to my Webtop. Are there any instructions or requirements I’m not aware of to get Outlook (installed from Office 2019) to connect to my Nethserver Webtop?

Thank you.

Hi @greavette

I’m not a WebTop user, but I think there’s some heavy misunderstanding here!

  • First: WebTop is basically a IMAP Client including Adressbook and Calendar.
  • Second: WebTop, as a Client, does NOT handle outgoing mail, it hands outgoing directly to NrthServer.
  • Third: The used IMAP services and Outgoing Mail (SMTP) are provided by NethServer, not WebTop. As such, NethServer doesn’t care what client is trying to send email, as long as the authentification is OK. SMTP on NethServer works well eg with Ports 587 & TLS, but also with Port 25 and TLS, if so set in Cockpit of NethServer (See Mail - Relay).

Maybe “forget” your fixation with WebTop, then it will work! And WebTop will show it!

Test it first eg using Thunderbird, then replicate the settings which work in Outlook…
Note: Thunderbird likes to use encrypted Passwords (Which won’t work!), keep the Password set to “normal”, but with TLS!

When using IMAP, mail clients will copy a sent mail into the IMAP structure to the Sent folder.
WebTop will then, as an IMAP client, also show the sent mail in that Folder of IMAP!

My 2 cents


Hello @Andy_Wismer ,

My apologies for using the wrong terminology. You are correct in that I’m not connecting to WebTop. I’m connecting to Nethserver Services that handles SMTP. I apologize for not stating things correctly and I appreciate your input and correction into my post.

What I was hoping was if anyone uses Quickbooks Desktop and was able to connect to their Nethserver SMTP server to send emails. My thoughts now are that when I login to my Nethserver email from my phone, I login with just my root name and not my full email address. Even when we use WebTop we login with just our root name and not our full email. But Quickbooks, I believe, tries to login with my full email address which results in an error in Quickbooks when attempting to send the email with a ‘Can’t login’ type message and asking me to confirm my password.

Quickbooks has a developer portal so I’ll ask there as well to see if there is a way to change how Quickbooks connects to my Nethserver SMTP. I know I can connect successfully from my cell phone.

Thank you.

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I have always used Thunderbird with my quickbooks desktop software. When you send an email from quickbooks it opens a new email window in Thunderbird and allows you to make any changes to content and recipients before sending the email. Webtop is also updated via nethserver so everything remains in sync. Thunderbird basically just runs in the background.


Hello @happnatious1 ,

Very interesting workaround! I’m not sure though how to have my Quickbooks Desktop 2024 open Thunderbird. In my Edit > Preferences > Send Forms, I see the following page that allows me to enter my SMTP server settings:


How did you get your Quickbooks to open your Thunderbird to send an email from Quickbooks? When we do employee payroll we send an email to each individual person so during payday we’ll send 28 emails to each person from our Quickbooks.

Thank you in advance for any help you can provide me.

Hi @greavette,
I believe quickbooks will detect your default mail client set in windows. Mine shows thunderbird where yours shows outlook. Might require a reboot.

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OMG! @happnatious1 , that was a fantastic suggestion you made. I’ve installed Thunderbird and made it my default mail app on Windows 10. My Quickbooks 2024 now recognizes that I have Thunderbird and allows me to select it from Preferences.

Have you tried making your WebTop the default mail app from Windows by chance? I’ll be seeing if that’s doable. But using ThunderBird solves my issue. Really appreciate your input and showing me how to get this solved.

Have an awesome day!