"Send on behalf" nethserver

NethServer 7.9.2009


we are using nethserver as our mailserver and we have an account configured to another application to send emails to external users. We need this account to send email on behalf of some other emails which exist in our server.
Is it possible to give this delegation to this account and set it up from nethserver?
The mailbox that we are trying to use is the koha@domain.xxx to send on behalf of “vivlio” and some other accounts. The error from the maillog is the below one.

Thank you in advance!


Try checking in “Cockpit Interface → Applications → Mail → Relay → Configuration → Details” if you checked the “Force sender/login matching” option.
At most try unchecking it.
Be aware that this applies to all users.

Thank you for your reply. I was looking for something more secure.
Do you know any other way to do that?

Hi @iomasm

Email shared? and secure?

Really very funny!

My 2 cents

But that checkmark I pointed out, is it there or not?

I did a couple of tests on the fly by editing the postfix user/mail address permissions association file (it should be /etc/postfix/login_maps.pcre), but it failed.

Unfortunately, I don’t have much time to work on it at the moment.

Ok, Maybe I got it

If there is a checkmark try this:

mkdir -p /etc/e-smith/templates-custom/etc/postfix/login_maps
cd /etc/e-smith/templates-custom/etc/postfix/login_maps
vi 20MailAlias

In the 20MailAlias file, enter the alias addresses that can be sent by that user in the format

alis@domain.tld [tab key] user.who.sends, user.who.sends@domain.tld


koha@domain.xxx    vivlio, vivlio@domain.xxx
pluto@domain.xxx    vivlio, vivlio@domain.xxx


expand-template /etc/postfix/login_maps
postmap /etc/postfix/login_maps
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Thank you for your solution. I temporally added the relay because we didn’t have much time. I’ ll try the solution you proposed and i’ll give you a feedback!