SempahoreUI: Command Automation UI for Ansible, Terraform, OpenTofu, Bash,Pulumi

Alot of Members in this community as Server and System Administrators, Who spend large amount of time automating servers, and building Automation scripts for their Infrastructures.

For those of You Using Nethserver, as well as managing Ansible, Terraform and other scopes of Serves, am happy to Announce you can use SempahoreUI in your Nethserver to help you with that.

The Documentation is on Github

Install our Repo through

Once Installed and Enabled, locate Semaphore from the UI

Once installed, Access the UI

Add Ldap Support
Add OIDC Support

For OpenID, i can see Authentik is Supported, IF someone can help test that, let me know i can implement and you test with our Authentik App in NS8

Alot more Options are supported as well. Configuration | Semaphore Docs (

Let me know what more you might require, @giacomo and @dnutan i saw you were interested in AWX here

Hopefully this might help more

Edit: Video on the Solution It does Terraform now? (not just Ansible!) // Semaphore UI (

Thanks in Advance for testing and Feedback


Tnx for you work! - Is it stable or testing Repository?

It is testing repository, however, Most factors have been considered and upgrade after final release should be ok, I would suggest though wait till it reaches RC on the repo before putting to prodcution use. Am not sure how the ldap/OIDC impelemntations might affect things…

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