Selected components only

I am interested in NethServer however would like to know if:

a) I can run the email/groupware in a DMZ
b) Do I have to use the software firewall?

Our current environment uses a hardware firewall and I would like to have the internet facing email/groupware component in a DMZ.


By my perspective…
a) yes
b) you should

Assuming that…

  • you don’t need a LDAP connection for user management from DMZ to LAN
  • you don’t need fileserver capabilities

you can install the integrated LDAP server (not NSDC) and, after the first setup, add to trusted networks the subnet of the LAN.

Also, the DNS server of your network should resolve the DMZ ip address for the FDQN and aliases of your server.
Dont’ forget that groupware server will consider DMZ network subnet as “trusted” network (Green) unless you set it as “public” connection (Red).


@McHenry any news?