Security relevant updates

I would like to have something similar to glsa. Maybe that already exists and I am just not aware of, but if not, wouldn’t it be great to have the possibility to be notified on security relevant updates?

In a productive environnement I’d like to be notified not only about available updates but especially if there are updates that are relevant to security.

We will soon buy subscriptions for our 4 prod neth servers anyway to get access to the stable repo - hopefully minimizing the update frequency.

AFAIK, CentOS doesn’t support security-only updates.
It’s been a while since I last checked, things may have changed.

RHEL supports security info on updates.
Some years have also passed since I tested NethServer over RHEL, I think it should still be possible.
Then, adjusting yum to only install secuirty packages should be easy.
If you want to try, I’ll gladly help.


Hi Filippo, and thanks for your answer. We cannot afford RHEL, but thanks for suggestion. Gentoo has their own tool named glsa-check which lists security relevant updates. I thought, maybe it would be worth developping something similar, so admins who do not have automatic updates activated can run it regularly ex. through cron to check if there is something security relevant that should be updated asap. I thought, it may be an additional value to the distribution if this could be done similarly in nethserver, thats why I wrote this post.

NethServer is based on CentOS, we use CentOS repositories which do not carry security information.

We could investigate adding security info to our repositories for the Subscription program, so that we could offer this feature for subscribed systems.


Understood. I would second that. This maybe an added value for subscription, although I don’t know how much developpement this would need.