Secure ftp for vhost?

NethServer Version: 7.5
Module: apache -> vhost / ftp


I set up some virtual host for www on my nethserver. I added support for ftp to access the document directory of the respective document. Port 21 is open / redirected on the router so I can install e.g. drupal or any other CMS.

1.) s there any option to use a secure ftp data transmission between the client and the nethsever in order not to send unencrypted data such as ftp passwords?

By now I did not try out port 22 / SFTP, but I do not want to expose nethserver on this port to WAN.

2.) I use winSCP (ftp mode) as the client. I can access the ftp from green (internal network), but even though the port is redirected from the router, I can not access from outside. Did I miss something to configure?


You may have to allow FTP on red via the Network services panel to get access from outside:


You may change the port in SSH panel.