Second nethserver

Hello fellows

I decide to migrate m’y nas openmediavault to a nethserver as file server, I think they start to screw up, so iam converting another machine to the good side of the force



Salut Vitor

NethServer is always a good choice.
I have, based in Switzerland, like you, about 20-30 SME clients running NethServer (On Proxmox virtualisation) as AD, File, Mail, Print, NextCloud and Zabbix Monitoring and other stuff.

If you’re ever near the other big lake in Switzerland (lac du constance…), do drop me a PM and we can have a NethServer Meet & Greet here! :slight_smile:

Like you, I love open source & linux, but also BSDs and others…

My 2 cents


Salut andy ça va ?

Je suis au but du lac Léman (Geneva), its wonderfull to ear that you live “nearby”, me yes we can one time take a brake Coffee, :slight_smile:


Salut vitor!

Va bien maintenent, seulement le temps dehors…
J’ai vu ton profil ici, et aussi leman libre - un bonne chose!
Un client de moi a un dependence a Genève, pas loin du gare Cornavin.
(Indicitation: l’autre grande lac en suisse, l’un c’est bien sûr le lac leman, l’autre c’est le lac du constance. Je connais Genève pas mal… Actuellement j’ ecoute Coulour3 - sur mon Raspberry KODI…)

Sorry for the short french intermezzo, we don’t want to exclude our english readers here… :slight_smile:

Open Source is all about cooperation, constructive critic, and improving things in general.
Sure it has a direct aspect in computing, but also it’s a way of living - taking from the community, and also giving back. And that is not restricted to computing…

Switzerland is small, comparable to Austria in size, but Switzerland has no cities lke Vienna, with 1.8 million inhabitants. Switzerlands largest “city” is Zürich, but with about 380’000 population, it’s not quite that size.

Open source is quite popular here - all my 20-30 clients use NethServer as their AD, but also for mail, file, print, NextCloud and Zabbix monitoring. Here are a few samples of my work, what I do…

Most of my clients use a Raspberry PI as NUT server - it’s much better than a “bought” box, overpriced and not much functionality. And cheap enough to keep a spare in the cupboard.


That said, if I need to go to Geneva soon, you’ll get a PM from me and I’ll be open to suggestions where’s the best place there for a coffee and chat!

Mes deux centimes

Oh wonderfull infrastructure

IT almost make cry… :blush:

I need to reeinstall m’y 2nd nethserver It started to do awkard things on the Gui… :fearful:


Hardware issues?

Probably that… but disk test OK and the its a crap computer not a server what or ever, I am its core2duo with 1To, 1,5 To 500 Go and the nethserver disk test, but 4 GB ram, I will try to reeinstall, nethserver 7

Maybe trying an older ISO image (say 7.6 instead of 7.7) could help…
You can always update…

My 2 cents

Well I will try time to reeinstall and to Maibe join to AD of the first one as Member… The first one needs revision, but he is my main router, and firewall, Nids… And AD…