Second Neth on a primar Neth LDAP as a member

NethServer Version: 7.9
Module: Ldap

Hello Guy sometime the world ist to simple to unterstand ®TFM.
I had 2 (VM) Neth servers one is primar with LDAP-DNS-DHCP the second will be a member of the first LDAP.

But i do not undestand the configuration between both Servers.

this is the config from future member

did anybody can help with the Config

both servers are connected over green LAN

sorry GUYs for this simpel question

THX a lot

I’m binded to a windows remote ad, the difference between your config and mine is the port at the
LDAP-Server-URL, I think you only have to fill in


without the port. User DN and Group DN I don’t know for your server, but you can get it with the tool from @stephdl[]=stephdl&s[]=ldap

Here is my config:

A last thing, could you please change the display language to English and do a new screenshot? So non German speaking people can help also.


Hello Michael

first THx fpr your support. Yes that was the problem and the solution to :slight_smile:

The way was to easy. I open ut the config, put the Ldap-Server IP in. but before testing i fill up th default port 389. DO NOT FILL anything not in this feeld do not chance anything. Move foreword with . Than it is fine DO NOT move back. In both way fill in IP or move back you will find the Error, about the Config testig.

After this i try Nextcloud on the new server side, and all user can use tihs Nextcloud :slight_smile:


THX Axel