Seafile on neth

A great feature would be to have the possibility to install seafile from the software center on a neth server.

When I build my first private cloud I tried owncloud but it was a nightmare and I had lots of problems. I guess it was with Version 3 or 4. Then after investigating further I found seafile and it worked well from beginning.

Seafile is build with git and in my opinion this is a much better approche to build a private file cloud as owncloud did with php (at least in the beginning, maybe they changed something after I droped it).

So I think it would add value to neth to integrate seafile.

Features are:

  • File Storage
  • Web interface (customizable)
  • Sync client (win, linux, mac)
  • webdav
  • mobile client
  • client based encryption
  • sharing

For further information please check:
offitial website:

offitial dokumentation:

support forum (english and german):

It is recommended to install seafile with nginx and mariadb or mysql. Additionally seafile should be configured to use https and either a self signed cert or one from an CA.

Hope to see it some time in neth :wink:

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There you see the differences between the two

Both product owncloud and seafile are very similar, therefore I believe it is fair to say owncloud is very changed from 3-4 version (now 8.1, 7.0.6 currently on NethServer) also worth noting there are not rpms for seafile so it’s hard to integrate it following the NethServer way
Give a try to owncloud, if you like to moving forward with seafile you can follow this guide:

ownCloud 7.0.6 precisely :wink: @alefattorini

Thanks mate, missed a 0 :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Thanks for the guide and the participation.
I’ll stick with seafile as I’m very satisfied with it.