Sccp Cisco 4 Phones Freepbx 14 and Asterisk 13

I am fitting with SIP on Cisco Phons 7975G and 7970G. I will try move back Cico sccp protocol and a end point manager

I am following this small how to do

yum -y install git
cd /usr/src
git clone chan-sccp_master
cd chan-sccp_master

./configure --enable-conference

but here is the end …

Checking Configure Options:
checking pkg-config asterisk... not found
checking Search Path: /usr /usr/local /opt... not-found
configure: Please install either the asterisk-devel package.
configure: Or run ./configure --with-asterisk=PATH with PATH pointing to the directory where you installed asterisk
configure: error: Cannot find pbx libraries - these are required.

What is the rigth path ?
sometimes its mutch esear to ask than to search to long :wink:

second one the phone get the configurations and the like PXE from an TFTP server. Thats easy and running 4 SIP. But it is better to know with option the DHCP server used. Wher ist de config file 4 DHCP services?

THX axel

What i found out is 4 that the Asterisk devel souce files must be installed. But i didnt had successs :sleepy:

so first i try it wit original freeepbx but i kill the VM completely.

with nethserver freepbx 13.19.1 and zhe asterisk 13.19.1 devel package (sorche code) i had ssucess with compiling
next configuraftion by hand and restart the asterisk and the Phones

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