Scan network lists duplicate entries

I have a simple network with a DHCP server. In System -> Network, I clicked on Scan network, which generated a list. i selected IP reservation for a device, a Netgear Arlo camera base station, and after entering and applying the name “Arlo” there are multiple entries for it, and so multiple entries for a Roku device. Is this on purpose? If so, why?

I have another quesiton about this. The reason i did the scan, is in the list of DHCP entries (not the one generated by the Scan), the Arlo base station is listed but grayed out. I know it is active/online, because I can see the cameras from my computer or Android app. Why?

Did you check if you get answers from all those IP addresses? (and associated mac addresses)
Nevermind, I should have looked at your screenshot first. They are all with the same IPaddress and macaddress. Looks weird to me that there are multiple lines of the same IP address/device…