Sangoma buys Digium

This lead to a question: this acquirement will change the path for Asterisk?

Oh sh*t…

It seems nothing will change in the near future:

Well, @giacomo that’s a “declared”.
Some interesting points into that Q&A are also declared: Sangoma wants to keep Asterisk and FreePBX for keep it’s business. Therefore, buying Digium leads to:

  • acquire Digium Customers
  • acquire Digium Intellectual Properties
  • maybe acquire Digium Know-How not collected into OpenSource projects
  • more control for Sangoma on Asterisk and FreePBX project, without a competitor that could have different vision and strategies

Therefore most of questions are leading to projects fans and business partner, telling “nothing will change”. But something will change at least because now there are one-headed projects.

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