Same address book Roundcube, Outlook and Thunderbird

I added NethServer to join active directiry witch windows server 2019 DC and I’m testing NethServer for mail server;
is it possible to see the same unified address book on Roundcube, Outlook and Thunderbird clients?
now I can’t see the Sogo or Webtop address book in Roundcube
thanks and congratulations for the project !!!

Do you mean the user’s personal address book, or “global address book” as stored in the (external) accounts provider?

IIRC; The latter is not possible with Sogo, do not know if webtop advertises this though carddav or active-sync

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global address book

Roundcube has a carddav plugin to read a sogo or webtop addressbook, see the roundcube docs for managing roundcube plugins. I didn’t test it but it should do the job.

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You can use Webtop address books and share them with Activesync or Carddav.

If you use activesync you can use as clients

  • Outlook (from 2013) (Not raccomended)
  • Thunderbird with TBSync and Provider for Activesync addons
  • Android smartphones
  • IPhone smartphones

If you use carddav you can use as clients


Webtop address book can I see them directly even in Roundcube?

I think you need a Carddav plugin in Roundcube but I never tried it and I don’t know if it’s compatible with the Roundcube installation on Nethserver.

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