Samba - shared library - different accesses

NethServer Version: NethServer release 7.6.1810 (final)
Module: samba

There is a shared library. More should be created within, but with different accesses. How can I solve this?
The subfolders can be attached separately to the user.

Maybe if you set the permissions from a Windows client. That allows changing file and subfolder permissions too.

so far ok for me too.
But, I want to do this inside the server. And I have trouble creating folders, not permissions.

Main folder - access user 1

  • subfolder 1 - access user 2
  • subfolder 2 - access user 2 and 3
    • subfolder A - access user 1,2,3,4

Well, that’s what I want to solve.

The goal is to add subfolders to folder sharing.

With a Window Client (i suggest you to use a recent version, at least 8.1) connect to the “main folder” of the share with a users with permissions of full control of the share.
Therefore, create every directory you need, and configure the user access.
As far as i know, granular ACL of file and directories into shares can be managed only using Windows