Samba Share not visible

NethServer Version: 7.8
Module: AD / Samba 4

Hello to everybody

first i will wish a save healty new year and that everbody can use any other Couches :wink: if the owner like that.

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I am using a VM with 7.8 on XCP-NG 8.1 with all updates. Windows 10 is running from a SSD (SATA) on HP8300 and the Server with HDD. It is running with rouming profiles.

There are 2 Myth… First
When a Win10pro64 Client connected the AD sometimes the Net-Shares are not visibel. For the Windows terman i can ust th share with the letter (m:…) but the file Explorer say not connectet (not visibel). But its only sometimes. With a script on the desk it is fixt (the scripts reconnect them)

Secound is the Profile upload, i think …
If the User shut down the cleint PC direct, with button in left side, sometimes the Profile look damaged if the client PC will boot again. Somtime we had to restore it from the backup, but mostly some more restarts and ist running . All Clients shuting down completly

Any Idea ?

Sounds like you have network problems. Do you have the problems with several clients?

if the Cliensts working not as a domain member there is no problem
i will do some testing more Clienets

THX michael

Which version of Windows 10?

Open the command prompt and type


Since the 2004 version of Windows 10 I have continuous problems on share shares when they are created from GUI, as you describe.

The only solution is to disconnect the shares from the GUI, create a batch that does the mappings (example below)

net use F: \\serv01\disc_f /persistent:no
net use L: \\serv01\disc_l /persistent:no

and put it in automatic execution / startup.

C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs\StartUp

Client side (Windows)

  1. It could be because your interface is configured with the Public profile which don’t allow by default to share and use sharing devices/folders on the network
  2. It could be because your Nethserver is not the DHCP/DNS provider and your Windows receive an IP from another DHCP service which don’t have the proper netbios options configured and the DNS don’t contain the information for your Nethserver. But usually if it is your case, you will still be able to reach it will still reachable via the Nethserver IP
  3. It could be because you deactivate a service in your Windows, you have a virus/malware, …

Server side (Nethserver)

  1. It happened to me in the past and mainly it was because nethserver-cups (yum install -y nethserver-cups) wasn’t installed. This package is responsible of Avahi which is a system which facilitates service discovery on a local network.
  2. It could be suricata or threat shield blocking the traffic.

Thx i will try some more, and installing CUPS.

Sometimes it is working sometimes not. Like a old GDR Car two step Engine



It could also be if you have IPv6 active on Windows. (As per default.)
NethServer doesn’t support IPv6…

Deactivating IPv6 on Windows gives a stabler network, at least for LAN clients…

My 2 cents

Andy thx



Did it help?

Andy i will try :slight_smile:

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