Samba DC problem

I’m testing 7.2a3. Great job guys !

  • Install on Proxmox BarreMetal on DELL T110 : OK
  • First System Update & Reboot : ok

My first whish is to make an Active Domain Crontroleur (with roaming profile like I used to on 6.7) :

  • I understant i must install “Account Provider : Samba Domain Controler” : install OK
  • I go to “user/goup”
  • I define an IP adress (not already used on my lan) >> then I clici START DC
  • “TASK IS RUNNING”… it takes long time to proceed
  • finally I obtain : “The remote server is not reachable.”

could you help me and tell what I do wrong please.
Thank’s a lot


Please have a look to

and attach your nsdc journal

I don’t know if roaming profiles work. We’ll see…

Ok, thanks,

since I change

  • my hostname in long like : srv.dom.local
  • and I install 2 network card (red & green) >> is it an obligation ?

… and now ? how do we configure file share ?

Please see also this

… sorry, I didn’t see this,

thank you all