Samba DC Administrator account

NethServer Version: 7rc1
Module: samba-dc

What can I do with the default admin account?

I can’t login to the gui with it.
I haven’t been able to join another server using it.
It doesn’t exist in the nextcloud user list.

Neither with the default password or the new password I created… on either of the ns7rc1 instances I have running.

What is IP .227? Please try to join with .228 (nsdc in the 2nd screenshot)

That’s why I used 227, the interface ip.

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Is .196 a VM in the same virtualbox, too?

The “invalid credentials” error is generic. It probably hides another problem.

Could you attach (an excerpt of) .196 /var/log/messages?

Do you think it is a NethServer problem on the “client” side? Can you join a MS workstation to the same nsdc?

No, each server is a vm on its own host, 2 different hosts but assigned to the same physical (not logical) subnet… I’m not completely crazy. :smile:

I’ll work on that, as I recall from yesterday, there was nothing to be found.

Is there an answer to my original question? How can I easily verify the administrator account and its password… I’m guessing the server wouldn’t work at all if there was an issue with the account.

I joined second NethServer to AD/DC NethServer by making the DNS server on the second NethServer pointing to the IP address of the Samba directory and not the IP address of main NethServer.

Main NethServer -
Samba AD/DC Nethserver -
Second NethServer -
DNS of the Second NethServer -

After I rebooted the users are now showing in the second NethServer.


@JeffBales Thank you. Did you use the default, pre-filled in, Administrator account from the DC nethserver?

I used the password I chose for the administrator account and not the default.


I’m firing off another unattended rc install while I have to diddle around in some meetings and then I’m going to set it up as samba dc fresh to try again.

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Well, Hello.

Thanks @davidep & @JeffBales


In order for the second server to auto receive new Users and Groups I used the second server IP address as the first DNS for the first server. I think you have do the same thing with Microsoft AD Servers and Samba AD Servers.

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I wondered that exact thing, so I created a user right after, it took less than 2 minutes for that user to show up without doing or changing anything else.

I must haven’t given enough time to change. I installed another domain member and without changing the DNS servers, it applied all of the new users and groups that I added on the domain server.

However, the domain member still shows the users and groups I deleted on the domain server, but they are not showing on Active Directory Users and Groups, and I can not logon with a deleted user (that’s good).

After 2 hours and after I shut down the domain member and brought it back up, the deleted users and groups are not there. Hmmm…