Samba AD on NS8

Hi to all,
it looks like CentOS 8 isn’t supporting samba active directory and won’t support it at the future.
I think there are several servers out there which run samba active directory with Nethserver 7.
I created this thread to collect ideas, how to solve this. Here should erase a list of these ideas:

  • a container with debian and samba ad at the Nethserver8 installation (best way choosing it from software-center)
  • a second virtual machine with debian or nethserver 7 (till it’s not supported anymore)
  • another base for Nethserver 8 (I think that’s not so easy, because everything must be “converted” to the new distro and every developer has to do a lot of extra work)

Thanks to all who will spend their ideas here. Perhaps it can be a solution implemented by the @dev_team without loosing the advantage of using upstream-updates.



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