Samba ad member fileserver request

As per the solution of

I would like to request the username map property be set by default on member servers with samba file-sharing role.

It is required to set privileges for domain admins on the member server, and not well documented unless you end up on the samba wiki and spend a good few hours searching and trying stuff that doesn’t apply.

It would be great if the username map can be configured. It requires a file and a configuration line in smb.conf

I am unable to judge how this impacts other configuration, but it seems to work like I want, without averse effects.

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We should ask on Samba ML to confirm and fix that!

I tried to configure it and map “Domain Admins” to root but it seems to suffer of the space separator… As alternative I liked the admin users property: it could be set to “Domain Admins” effectively.

I’ll try it! Thank you @planet_jeroen!

Seems already known from ages!

rub it in … it took me ages to find that exact post :stuck_out_tongue:

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Thank you for the pointers. I think we have a better solution now:

Windows file server page