Samba AD certificates


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NethServer Version: 7.4
Module: samba ad

Hey all,

I am having Alfresco installed for is due to some integration demands, and the person doing the installation complains about the self signed cert that samba generates.

Due to Java he needs the key to add to the trust store or a real certificate.

I prefer the later but can not find any decent documentation and wonder if a manually placed certificate will go poof on update?

Anybody else faced this situation?

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Even if wrong from a security point of view, disabling the certificate validity check from Java could ease the things.

Otherwise you could follow the official Samba wiki

Only some paths are different in our installations.

The NSDC container root directory is




You can modify smb.conf in nsdc manually - it isn’t a template.

The drawback of doing the right thing is remember to renew the certificate!

SSL certificates for Samba AD (NSDC host)
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