Samba Active Directory won't install

NethServer Version: 7.3.1611
Module: NethServ-dc

I’ve trouble to install the SAD Module.
The RPM Dependencies are checked, the File has been downloaded and then… setup stops and ask me to clear yum-cache.
As I’ve read in the forum here, it should be possible to have both installed. OpenLDAP and SAD.
If not, is it enough to uninstall the O-LDAP and then install SAD? or is there a way to have both? because I need the possibility to set permissions to shared folders. I actually can create shared folders, but they’re FFA… and that’s not what I want.

Even thou I need to set more details to the DIrectory Users. like IP-Phone number, or Department and other things. Is there a way to do so?

You cannot have both. See the manual and this discussion


I see… Thanks for this fabulous fast response!

Now I reinstalled the whole system because I made some 1st step configuration mistakes.
It runs like charme now.
Except the addisional user information, we do need. But perhaps I’ll find a way to create them